We would like to thank Mike Ridgeway, the originator and founder of the NightMare Tour.  His design of the standard

177 mile ride around the perimeter of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is the basis for all the various rides offered.

The 177 mile perimeter ride has been the standard for  25+ years.

We continue to run the event on a low carbon footprint and a break even cost basis for die hard cycling enthusiasts in

the United States & Canada.

Mike the Bike, as he likes to be known, has given a real event to the cycling community.

Message from "Mike the Bike"

As the creator and designer of the "original" NightMare bicycling event, I am pleased that the NightMare can live on.

We at Dream Ride Projects support the new NightMareTour as both a sponsor and support for our newly formed

Dream Ride Ultra Cycling Team members who will be raising funds for our new "Projects".

So get training and we'll see you out there on TheNightMareTour.

Thanks to the New Holland Bicycle Race LLC for helping to continue TheNightMareTour.